Nine Crows Spotlight - Aisling Chan

Nine Crows Spotlight - Aisling Chan
For this weeks Nine Crows Spotlight we met up with model, blogger, beauty genius & more Aisling Chan.  Follow her blog & stay up to date with her make up tricks and hair magic.


Describe your style in three words.
Hmm that's a tough one! I like to dabble here and there with different types of styles but I would say my personal style is Glam, edgy and chic.

When/how/why did you get into blogging?
I've had quite a large following on Instagram for a while and I always receive messages and comments asking where I got my outfit, what makeup I used or how I did my hair. So it felt like the next step to have one place that my followers could go to for all of the information as well as direct links to the products!
I started my blog last October with the help of Dean and Emma from my agency, NotAnother , they were both so supportive and helpful when it came to achieving the look I wanted for my blog.

What are you top five beauty go tos?
A favourite of mine that I constantly rave about to anyone that will listen is YSL le teint touché eclat foundation! It blends like a dream and leaves a dewy finish.
With the warmer weather I've been loving Urban Decay's 'all nighter spray' to really lock in your makeup and stop you from melting in the sun!
Another favourite are Sigma makeup brushes - they're affordable and don't shed which is great.
I'm sure every girl in Ireland has heard of Garnier Micellar water but I've been using the one that is oil-Infused and it is so amazing! It removes waterproof makeup so seamlessly.
And last but definitely not least is the Anastasia Beverly hill brow wiz. This product is 100% worth all of the hype and I'm currently dying inside because I've ran out of mine and need to order some more!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
I'm most looking forward to my upcoming holiday in June. I'll be heading to Bali, Indonesia with my boyfriend for 12 days of bliss so expect me to be flooding your new feeds with holiday pics (sorry not sorry). I haven't planned for any festival as of yet but longitude is looking promising as I am a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar, and who doesn't love festival fashion?!

We asked Aisling to choose her top five favourite pieces from our website!

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