Girl Crush of the Week: Courtney Smith

This weeks Girl Crush of the Week is our favourite celebrity stylist, the beautiful Dublin local, Courtney Smith. Courtney, from Malahide, studied fashion design when she was fresh out of school before moving on to London to study fashion media.

We have always respected Courtney's tenacity, she's never had it easy or gotten any head starts, she started from the bottom and we've loved watching her soar to the top.

We must give her props as Courtney must be a very busy woman, constantly in demand. But she constantly pumps out beautiful and seemingly effortless editorials. She is also a regular feature on TV3's Ireland AM and Xposé.

Her amazing sense of style reflects not only in her work but also in her personal wardrobe. We love her constantly changing looks from that cool grungy style to the edgy 70's rocker chic.

Make sure to check out Courtney's website and instagram.



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