Top 10 Badass Female Characters

With an industry completely over saturated with male leading roles and male action heroes we thought we'd give those strong female leads the recognition they deserve with our list of the Top 10 Badass Female Characters.


10. Christina Ricci -  Wednesday Addams: The Addams Family Values

Although not quiet so forward in her badassery as some of the other women she bet onto this list we had to give an honorable mention to our favourite goth girl, Wednesday Addams. Whether she's drinking poison, starting revolts or simply scaring with a smile we can't help but love this morbid young miss.


9. Jessica Alba - Nancy Callahan, Sin City

Nancy is a sexy, yet sensitive exotic dancer and is completely unforgettable. She has rooted herself as a female icon. But not only is she beautiful, she is also badass. She is not your typical damsel in distress, and although she does need saving she does make sure to give her abducter a strong piece of her mind.


8. Angelina Jolie - Gia Carangi, Gia

Gia is probably the most unique badass on our list, mainly because she's not just a character but rather based off the real life 70's supermodel Gia Carangi. This fierce model has both the attitude and the beauty she needs to rise straight to the top of the modeling industry. We couldn't help but fall for this fiery badass bitch.


7. Scarlett Johansson - The Woman, Under The Skin

We weren't quite sure whether or not to include this one, but after some thought we realised she was just to badass not to. This nameless character is polar opposites from the rest of our list in the sense that we aren't quite sure whether she's good or bad or quite what her motive is. And although what she does is quite dark she is undeniable a badass bitch whilst doing it.


6. Saoirse Ronan - Hanna Heller, Hanna

From this point on, revenge will be a continuous theme in our list, so who better to kick it off than our favourite 15 year-old, biologically enhanced badass, Hanna. Raised as an assassin from the age of two with one goal in mind, to take down the woman who murdered her mother, we follow Hanna on her journey of self discovery and revenge. The collected and reserved hero is both alien and relatable to us and we couldn't help but fall in love as we watched her story unfold.


5. Natalie Portman - Mathilda, Leon: The Professional

When we first see this 12 year old girl she sporting a black eye and smoking a cigarette. After finding her entire family murdered Mathilda seeks the help of her hitman neighbour to teach her the trade and avenge her family. It will be a long time until we see another 12 year old nearly as badass as this.


4. Rose McGowan - Cherry Darling, Planet Terror

What can we say for this badass bitch? Any woman who has a machine gun for a leg almost automatically deserves a place on our list. But that isn't the only reason we included Cherry Darling, even before she got her weapon prosthetic she was kicking ass with her wooden one. She ends up saving the day more than once, and looking damn sexy doing it earning her place as a top Badass Movie Bitch.


3. Mara Rooney - Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A troubled yet brilliant hacker. As the film begins and introduces this character we couldn't help but feel alienated from her unusual and dark personality. However as the film progresses and we get to see what has gone into the making of who Lisbeth is, we couldn't help but fall in love. Through the process of her justified yet ruthless revenge we are all cheering for her. She ends up saving the day and also goes beyond in her pursuit of justice. But of course, as usual, the man takes the credit.


2. Uma Thurman - Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill

One of the all time top action bitches. Waking up from a coma with only one thought on her mind, revenge. Through the process of the two Kill Bill films, we see her grow and develop as a character and as a mother. But this doesn't stop her in her quest. She slaughters her way through her Death List Five in some of the most intense and exciting action scenes we have ever seen. Beatrix narrowly missed out on being our number 1 Badass Movie Bitch.


1. Sigourney Weaver - Ellen Ripley, Alien

One of the first ever female action hero leads. We can't help but love her strong independence and courage, she isn't defined or controlled by the men that surrounds her, but firmly holds her ground with her vast knowledge and expertise. She manages to be the only survivor of a ruthless xenomorph onslaught and become on the the biggest badasses in science fiction history. Sigourney Weaver's Ripley holds her rightful place as our Top Badass.


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