Girl Crush of the Week: Erin O'Connor

For this weeks Woman Crush Wednesday we are celebrating one of our all time favourite supermodels, the renowned Erin O'Connor. Erin first began modeling after she was scouted by a model agent at the age of 16 while at the Clothes Show Live. She was then shot by Juergen Teller for i-D in 1996 but she didn't raise to success until two years later after she chopped off all her hair to give her her iconic black bob.

Erin has modeled for some of the highest profile designers, photographers, magazines and illustrators some of the most notable ones being her close relationships and muse status for both Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and fashion illustrator David Downton.

This 6' embodiment of classic beauty's limbs seem to last forever. She is endearingly shy yet determined and outspoken, she embodies power on the runway but is humble in everyday life. She exudes feminine beauty in a seemingly effortless way but Erin has spoken often on how she views modeling as a performance and has needed a lot of time and practice to get into her modeling characters.

She's no stranger to television either, whether it's 'Erin's Model World', a documentary following her life as a model, being a guest judge on RTE's modeling show, 'The Model Agent', or co-starring alongside Naomi Campbell as a judge for 'The Face'. Her personality shone through and left us wanting more.

However Erin hasn't just taken from the opportunities she has earned in the modeling industry but rather she has used her name and success to give back. With the creation of her two non-profit organizations and has striven to create a more equal, healthy and safe environment for her fellow models.

In 2007, Erin set up the 'Model Sanctuary' a place that runs alongside fashion week where models and seek advice from nutritionists and psychotherapists. Two years later she launched 'All Walks' an organisation that strove to increase diversity on the runways.

Erin has beauty, determination and diversity has earned her a place as one of our all time favourite models.

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