Internships & Work Experience at Nine Crows

2015 has been a big year for us here at Nine Crows. We have more stock than ever online, our shop is the busiest it's ever been and we are having great success with designing and selling our own products.

The team has grown dramatically and the way we run things has tightened up.
We get many e-mails about interning and doing work experience with us.
We thought we would do a blog post to let you know what it is we are looking for and how to go about getting work experience with us.

We are open to all college and transition year students doing work experience in our shop, be it short term over a week or two, or on going on a certain day or days in the week. We also welcome people who want to get in to retail but have little experience. We still have some time left between now and the end of the summer. Just e-mail a cover letter on to

For our internships we really want people who are passionate about social media, styling, fashion and business. As an intern with us you really get to see what goes into running a clothing website. We love energetic, creative, motivated hard workers.
An intern gets to assist on photo shoots, work with us on social media campaigns, help us create content for our website and assist in the day to day running of our website and shop. And yes, sometimes what we do can be really fun but there is a lot of hard work to put in and we are only looking for people who can deliver on that because they are the ones who will get the most out of the experience. We preferably like to do 3 month long internships but are open to shorter.

We have some availability for internships right now if you would like to apply please e-mail your CV and cover letter on to as soon as possible.
All the love,

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