5 Things That Made Us Weak This Week

FKA Twigs Glass & Patron

Voguing in a forest, giving birth to iridescent sheer fabric and the most perfect styling we have seen in a long while. What's not to love?! 
FKA twigs just keeps getting better, the song is pretty solid too. 
We've been trying to copy some of the dancing in the office today but we've ended up looking more like Samara from the ring trying to get out of a TV. Fail. 

Metallic Transfer Tattoos

So damn into it. We've seen instagram babes Mimi Elashiry (pictured above in the middle) and Nyane Lebajoa rocking these badass body tattoos for months now and we think it's going to be the "big thing" this year at the festivals, and hey at least you're not offending anyones culture, right?!
We've got some in our store in Dublin City Centre, come make yourself a walking shiny warrior woman.

Maximal Life for the Minimalist 

We have followed the amazing journey of Jenny Mustard for years now. She blogs about fashion, food & lifestyle. And she does everything so perfectly. Months ago I watched her video on how to make the most delicious kale chips & gave it a shot and they are now my new favourite snack. Her tutorials are so easy to understand and aesthetically perfect down to the smallest detail. 
Check out her website here.
Watch her new video below which gives an insight into what she does.

Kerry Washingtons Speech at the GLAAD Awards.

Most of us know Kerry Washington as the superwoman that is Olivia Pope, turns out she's just as much of a bad ass IRL. Make sure to have a listen to this speech.

The Topical Popical Pink Talons

These bad boys popped up on our instagram this week & it made us rethink just about everything. We love a good point nail here, the more cat like the better, for to scratch the boys with. We will definitely be in this week for these in black.
Check out their instagram here to see the amazing things they are doing to the hands of Dublin.

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