Five Ways to Wear the Famous Deep V

We've been finding it hard to keep our deep v blouses in store and online, thanks to all our lovely customers. Our ever famous shirts are a beautiful piece that you can wear in numerous ways. An ideal component for both nights on the tiles and chill days when all you want is something slouchy. We've got some of our favorite Instagram girls that have sported the Deep V look by incorporating their own individual style as well as a few innovative looks that we've come up with all on our own.


hancxbb wears the sleeveless deep v for a casual but chic look. This look can be worn with anything from ripped jeans to a maxi skirt. I've linked a similar deep v blouse that we've got on our website right now! Get yours before they're all gone. 

Wearing the Deep V over a bralet with a bold belt creates shape at the waist and transforms this look into something very different.  

Aisling Chan goes for the classic Deep V ensemble. This is one of our favorites, simply wrap the top around each side and pull it tight at the back and front. We've got a simple hack for you in order to create this look perfectly, use a little of double sided sticky tape on both sides of your chest if you're in fear of the almighty nip-slip.

We LOVE how our gal Roberta has created this lazy hazy Sunday look with our striped number. By pairing the Deep V with casual baggy jeans and rolling up the sleeves you can completely transform the garment!

And finally here I am. I tend to wear the Deep V as a simple kimono, it's comfy, adds color and looks great! 

As you can see our trademark item is so versatile! Get yours... 


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