Tracks to Welcome Winter With

From Pampa Records' Axel Boman to US folk Americana, with our Winter Playlist, we've tried to cater to all of your musical desires. These tracks will warm up the colder months just like that essential morning cup of coffee, sending musical caffeine all the way from your speakers through your veins. We've got sweet melodies to nod off to like "Kurt Vile - Life Like This" to upbeat hiphop that can only start your day off on a positive note.
Honeyed harmonies with Scary Mansion vs. alternative IndieRock's Deerhunter?
It's a tie.
This playlist will tie up these last few chilly months before 'NOW That's What I Call Christmas 2006' takes over our Spotify recently played list. December will be singing 'There she goes' as 2016 swoops in and you sail off into a new year, a new you. 



A very special one for a very special Ellen,

Now sit back, relax, and listen to the music.
P.S. You can tune into all these tracks by following our Spotify playlist.
Katie x

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