Sartorial Heroine: Lucy Rance of Lulutrixabelle

While it's impossible not to be left awestruck by the continual innovation of ready-to-wear showcases - which bring vibrancy to the world's traditional fashion capitals, lighting up countless newsfeeds twice a year - more often that not, it is the way in which fashion enthusiasts channel this innovation in their own wardrobes that really captures our attention. These sartorial purveyors are unapologetic and individualistic in equal measures: they possess total fearlessness when it comes to clashing a variety of textures, prints and colour shades, as well as taking inspiration from eclectic sources to create a style that is entirely their own.
In commencing our series that highlights the most diverse female sartorialists located across the globe, this week our gaze is fixated on fashion blogger and freelance designer Lucy Rance. Renowned for being one fifth of kaleidoscopic creative gang Confetti Crowd - which brings together women paving their own unique path in fashion and music industries - Rance is the founder of UK blog Lulutrixabelle, wherein she documents her love for combining high-street garbs with vintage and second-hand pieces. All of her finds are serious bargains, and pack a serious punch in the colour department:
The Lulutrixabelle wardrobe is a haven of luxurious fabrics in vivid hues - think leather,  velvet and copious amounts of faux fur - with a smattering of sequins and generous helpings of prints thrown into the mix. Shrinking violets should be warned; Lucy's colour-bursting attire is the perfect eye candy for maximalists. In all honesty, even the staunchest of minimalists couldn't help but be inspired by her style - and with a multitude of vibrant prints freshly arrived in Nine Crows, there could be no better opportunity to channel Lucy's penchant for unique patterns:

Effortlessly paired with denim or one of the vivid leather skirts found in our Lower Ormond Quay boutique, these shirts offer you the chance to nail Lucy's unabashed approach to combining prints with contrasting fabrics. If head-to-toe rainbow isn't quite your thing, try adding in one splash of colour and/or embellishment into ensembles - the array of vibrant, sequinned pieces as well as our lavish velvet collection online are your one-way ticket to achieving this Spring:

Of course, no Lulutrixabelle-esque outfit would ever be complete without the addition of faux fur, or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, the finishing touch of a statement metallic jacket that would do serious justice to Lucy Nance's multi-hued, multi-textured wardrobe.
Amelia xx

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