Nine Crows Spotlight x Dylan Moran

For this week's Nine Crows Spotlight we caught up with international model/DJ Dylan Moran. We chat music, fashion & the connection between the two.  

Describe your style in three words.

The. Best. Ever.

What three brands do you think are killing it in the mens fashion industry at the moment?

I think Cottweiler, Gosha and Vetements are three very influential brands in fashion at the moment.

Out of three, what brand would you most love to work with? Or have you already? If so, tell us a little bit about that.

Vetements shows look pretty fun but I definitely wouldn't say no to get a chance to work with any of the above.

We've noticed you've gotten seriously into DJing, has modelling helping you in the music industry?

Yes its definitely given me more time to focus on producing. I was working full time just before I started modelling and it wasn't easy to find the inspiration at the end of the day. They do kind of coincide but not all fashionista's like to dance underground music.


Whats your opinion on the relationship between music and fashion especially in mens fashion & culture?

The relationship is there in many ways but you can really notice the difference between Ireland and other European cities. Saying that its beginning to grow here. Brands like Palace are ones that start things off. I think mens fashion needs to come off a little more cool to get guys spending a little more $$$$, especially those who might not be hugely interested in fashion or at least like to think so.

What's next?

**Beer Emoji. haha I'm playing in Hangar Saturday night, apart from that I'm working on a few personal projects but its too early to speak on those just yet.

These are Dylan's top picks from our New In menswear collection.



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