Describe your style in 3 words.
Low key glam - lol

Where did your interest in fashion stem from?
For as long as I can remember I've always seen my Nan as the most glam woman on earth, from her extravagant jewellery to her multiple fur numbers lol. She's definitely been an inspiration to me so I guess you could say that she piqued my interest in fashion.

What triggered your Instagram following to grow?
I actually get asked this question a lot and the honest answer is I genuinely don't know what triggered the following. I usually put it down to a mention by a UK blogger with a massive following a few years back on her Instagram feed that triggered the initial growth.

Whats your No. 1 place to get your hair and nails done in Dublin?
For the past two years I've been getting my hair done in Preen by Suzi, she's the dream and can always seem to figure out what I want from my horrifically poor descriptions lol. Nails wise, the best set of nails I've ever gotten was from Liindsay Hamilton who works out of Tropical Popical. She did a free hand marble print on my nails that I wanted to keep forever.

What are your summer plans?
Im awfully boring, I spent a week in Greece back at the start of May that was regretfully the only holiday I booked for the summer.

What is your one stop shop for a last minute night out outfit?
For a night out, I'd usually find myself buying something inexpensive last minute from maybe Zara or Topshop to go with something I already own. I have a wardrobe full of basics pretty much so its easy enough to mix and match


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