Woman Power Wednesday: Aoife Dooley

Woman Power Wednesday: Aoife Dooley
For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we are looking at the absolutely gas Aoife Dooley. The Dublin based author, illustrator and comedian is best known for 'Your One Nikita,' a series of hilarious illustrations about Dublin gal Nikita and her struggles with being a Dublin Hun. Nikita has her own Instagram account with a following of over 20k and Aoife has published a book, How to Be Massive, based on Nikita, with a follow up, How to Deal With Poxes (on a Daily Basis), coming later this year. We caught up with Aoife to chat about her success, Nikita and being proud of where you're from.

You’re an author, illustrator and comedian, has this always been what you’ve seen yourself doing as a career or was there another plan in place?

I actually wanted to be a musician for a good while. I was convinced I was going to be in a successful band and I was very determined on that happening, but it never did. I learned that the best person you can rely on is yourself so if you want something you can just go for it and there’s no one holding you back.

I always loved illustration too but just didn't realise growing up that this could be something I could work as and build a career on and when that started happening during and after college I felt like that was what I was supposed to do all along.

The humour of ‘Your One Nikita’ is based around a very Northside Dublin background yet she has been a success all over Ireland, why do you think she’s had such a wide reach?

I think it’s because she’s relatable. She's just a normal Dublin girl going about her life and having a rant or two in between. I like to talk about the things that annoy or bother me so maybe that’s what makes it even more relatable too as it could be just a universal thing (not necessarily always a Dublin thing) that annoys me. For example, people who don’t change the toilet roll and then you have to do it (even though you do it yourself from time to time) but it’s annoying.

Photo from instagram.com/youronenikita

There’s been a huge increase in comedy lately based around where you’re from, Nikita, videos of Irish mammy’s etc. Do you think it’s important to celebrate and be proud of where you’re from?

Yes definitely, I think some people celebrate it but I think others just take the piss but they do it in such a way that it’s offensive or putting down a particular type of person and I try not to get into that because i’m proud of where i’m from and I just want to make people laugh and not necessarily at other peoples misfortunes. I think there’s a line that you can experiment with and push boundaries but there are just some that you don’t cross.

What has been your proudest achievement in your career so far?

I have a few really and they all came really close within each other. Publishing my first book being the main one and Roddy Doyle giving a quote for the front cover, that was unbelievable. Winning the 30 under 30 U Magazine Best Comedian 2017 award. I have basketball medals from camps growing up but have never received an award as an actual adult and for something i’ve worked really hard for. Then the last proudest moment would have to be doing a gig at the Vodafone Comedy Festival in a tent of 200 odd people and it was only my 9th gig. That was insane.

Finally, what women inspire you?

Anna Cosgrave, Sarah Griffin, Alison Spittle, Roisin Agnew, Sinead Burke, Andrea Horan and so many more! I think these ladies are all at the top of their game of what they do.

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