Woman Power Wednesday: Erica Cody

Woman Power Wednesday: Erica Cody

For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we're chatting to the insanely talented Erica Cody. This Dublin gal is making major waves in the music scene at the moment, after releasing her long-awaited debut single, Addicted, earlier this year. She also played alongside Mango, Jafaris, Jess Kav, DJ Mo K and the RTE Concert Orchaestra for The Story of Hip Hop, one of the most talked about acts from this year's Electric Picnic. We caught up with Erica to talk music, The Story of Hip Hop, career goals and inspiring women.

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-How did you get into music?

My parents never played an instrument but always had amazing taste in music. My dad is from South Carolina in the States and my mom is from the North side of Dublin so I grew up listening to almost every genre of music from country to hip-hop, you name it! I was in stage school from the age of 3-8 then started hip hop when I was 10-16 so I think that's when I was opened up to music I could really connect with. Stevie Wonder is my biggest influence in music and is who I grew up with the most. I used to always write songs as a kid but when my mom got diagnosed with cancer when I was 10 I just started writing lyrics that then turned into poems, that then turned into songs. I picked up the guitar and piano shortly after then that's when I started taking it seriously I suppose. Then when I was 16 my mom and dad bought me an iPod touch for Christmas and I just started making beats and that's how I got into producing my own tracks, which I still do today. I invested in a Mac when I was 18 and then that's when I caught the real writing and producing bug I suppose!

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-What’s your thoughts on the Dublin music scene at the minute?

I think the music scene in Dublin is in a really healthy and great place at the moment and it's starting to gain attention out of Ireland which is always good in order for everyone to progress! There are so many great artists/bands out there at the moment such as Hare Squead, Jafaris, Soule, Super Silly, Wyvern Lingo, Mango, Akora and Laoise just to name a few because the list goes on! I think what's so good is that everyone's supporting each other.

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-You recently took part in The Story of Hip Hop at Electric Picnic which received an absolutely unreal reaction both from the crowd and online. Tell us more about it.

Ahhhhh I don't even know where to start! It was such an unbelievable experience, I knew it was going to be successful but I don't think any of us (Mango, Jess, Jafaris, RTÉ and myself) knew how much it would blow up! For me personally getting to sing with the orchestra was a huge bucket list tick off, especially so early on in my career! I think for any R&B singer or rapper, your chances of getting to sing with an orchestra are quite limited, as opposed to being a classical singer where you are guaranteed to perform with one at some stage in your career. The show was put together in literally a month and Adam Fogarty was a huge part in making it a success. Definitely one to put on my CV, I hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

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-What would be your ultimate goal in your music career?

It might sound like a cliche but my ultimate goal in my career would would be to have a successful arena tour, perform at the VMAS (and an NBA finals half time show) and for Stevie Wonder to know my name. You have to dream big!

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-What women inspire you?

All the women in my family inspire massively because they're all so independent and hard working mothers. My own mom inspires me the most, just after seeing how she could overcome cancer and become 10 times stronger than before she got diagnosed, which I think is an inspiration to any woman.. SUPER WOMAN!



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