Woman Power Wednesday: Jenny Wong

Woman Power Wednesday: Jenny Wong
This week for Woman Power Wednesday we caught up with the badass businesswoman, Jenny Wong! Jenny is a little powerhouse who has singlehandedly turned her hobby of nail painting into a fully fledged, very successful business. We caught up with Jenny to chat nails, starting a business and inspiring women.

Photo from nstagram.com/jennyyuksanwong

-When did you start getting into doing nails? Did you ever think it would ever lead to such a successful business?

I dropped out of two undergraduate degrees when I was younger and had been working in retail for about seven years when I decided to do nails. I always wanted to get a degree but at 25 I was still lost as to what type of career I was really interested in. I decided to learn a skill because I felt there was an opportunity to be your own boss there. I also enjoyed painting my own nails and was getting into nail art at the time. Tropical Popical had just opened and there was nothing like it in Dublin. So I said to myself, 'I’m gonna work there.' Three “stunning” (as my old boss Andrea would say) years later with the best girls ever and I was ready to take the leap into self-employment. I wanted to know what went into running a business and I also wanted a challenge, I wanted to see if I could do it.  I didn’t ever think it would lead into a successful business, I just put the head down, worked tirelessly, tried to have as much fun as possible with my clients and something amazing blossomed from all of the hard work and tears. And I honestly couldn’t be more proud of my little business.

Photo from instagram.com/jennyyuksanwong

-What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to meet different people every day. Everyone usually is going somewhere nice or has a nice story as to why they're getting their nails done, so that’s always lovely chatting to them. I love my independence. I love that I can be flexible with my hours, it’s great not needing permission to take days off. I can work more when I need to, so I’m not limited on working hours.

Photo from instagram.com/nailsbyjennywong

-What would be the ultimate business goal?

To own a bigger premises with a few staff. I’d love my own little salon fam someday, that would be great. 

Photo from instagram.com/nailsbyjennywong

-Whose nails would you love to get your hands on?

The women who own Floss Gloss, I just love their branding. I have the ultimate girl crush on them! 

Photo from instagram.com/jennyyuksanwong 

-What women inspire you?

There’s a massive amount of driven and highly ambitious women in Dublin right now. Some I’ve worked with, some I’ve hung out with, some I only know from a distance through social media. But I’m so impressed with what every one of them have done as business women, as social activists, as ambassadors for body positivity. I’ve learned from and have been inspired by all of them, there’s just way too many to mention here but there’s tonnes of them in the city! ️

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