12PM - 6PM


Nine Crows is absolutely beyond thrilled to announce that we will be opening up the NINE CROWS THRIFT SHOP in the heart of Dublin City! 

As a small independant owned company, we feel that we put so much effort into ensuring that we are circular with how we source, process, and market our clothing. We do lots to contribute to a sustainable way of life and we are very proud of that fact - however, we can always do more. 

Our aim with the thrift store is to make sustainable shopping even more accessible, and we really hope it does just that. 

So, what’s the difference between vintage store and thrift stores?

Our vintage stores are home to special, one of a kind, great quality pieces. Our buying team fly all around the world, sorting through through tens of thousands of items to find these special pieces. It takes hours of endless physical labour to do so, but we LOVE doing it and we love finding gems that you guys love. Because of the these pieces are curated and more rare, the price point for buying them, is higher, and so in turn they must be sold at a higher price. 

On the other hand, the buying process for our thrift store is completely different. We do not hand pick these pieces. For thrift, we choose the type of clothing item we want, buy it in bulk. Second hand clothing bought in this way is not curated and the customer does the rummaging for those special pieces.This process of buying is super exciting for us as we always come across stunning pieces and it’s always a mystery!

We put so much honest hard work, absolute love, and true care into everything we do as a company. We are a small team who have grown Nine Crows from the ground up since 2010 and we cannot thank our customers enough for their support over the last 10 years. We really hope you love the NINE CROWS THRIFT STORE, just as much as we do.

The Thrift Store will be located at 8 Mary Street, Dublin 1. We cannot wait to see you down here!


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