Guide to the Perfect Festival Hair

Tis festival season and we couldn't be happier.
Festivals are the perfect time to have fun and let your hair down.  
We're gonna try and help you with some fab hair styles to keep you looking super cute. 

Dreads seem to be absolutely everywhere we look as of late! Queen of Dreads, Cici Cavanagh is our inspiration for this look. 
Hair chalk, a look everyone can pull off. For those of you that aren't as daring, this product washes out between 3-7 days, depending on your showering schedule!
Vanessa Hudgens is a dream queen when is comes to hair-chalking it up. Here she is at Coachella looking b-e-a-utiful as per. 
Wigs, since we saw Kylie Jenner rockin' the blue bangs we have been all about them. What better way to disguise your locks after they've turned into one of your biggest festival dilemmas. 
Braids are quick, easy and ideal for throwing your hair back. We have been loving Zoe Kravitz's long, flowing braids recently. You go girl!
We recommend you head over to Style Club on North Earl St. where they'll help you perfect the perfect festival barnet. Check out their Instagram and Facebook!

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