Nine Crows August Must-Goes

After having had a long hard summer of fun we've decided to supply you with a few destinations that we think are a must in order to end the sunny season with a cherry on top. When choosing our top picks we kept all of your lovely selves in mind, letting your cute quirks influence the destinations. So where do we think you could have the time of your life and leave crying because you "DON"T WANNA GO HOME"?

Ibiza Closing Parties

The legendary closing parties are something that I've been longing to attend all summer. Although renowned for their pricey costs I'm sure the sun (something that all of us in Ireland have been lacking) and fun would be totally worth it. The music is great, the beaches are fab. Why not go?
Here's our gal Jolene looking like a goddess last year.


This city has been on the 'cool radar' for years. The holiday hot spot has something for anyone and everyone. If you're one to enjoy a gallery gawk and a boogie on down then this city is most definitely for you. Options are endless. Book a flight, enjoy.
Here we have Aisling Egan out and about the city in all its glory.


A smaller, brighter, cheaper and less intimidating London. This city's been buzzing since Fat Boy slim rocked its beaches in the early 2000s. Brighton's Pride festival is one of the best in the UK, it may be over but no doubt it's vibe continues. You're sure to enjoy yourself. Here's @eotin in Brighton earlier this summer. 


It seems everyone I know has been, is in, or is going to Thailand. It's definitely become the summer hotspot where you're sure to bump into 50 odd people from times gone by. Nevertheless, you will laugh, dance and undoubtedly sing your hearts out as 90s Spice Girls as it's boomed across the sound system. Along with all that, theres beautiful beaches and delicious cocktails. Do it and let me know how you get on! 
Expect gorgeous views if you decide to venture afar.
Here's a snap our co-owner Emma took while she was on a buying trip!
Electric Picnic 

If like me you're a sucker for lazing around a dirty campsite with all of your 'bestos' then I'd recommend Electric Picnic for sure. This one ends festival season with a bang. The acts are always sensational. What makes this festival even more of a must is it's small Body & Soul section, since B&S in June I've been longing for something to compare to the atmosphere and I'm sure that this will. I guarantee you an amazing weekend, if not I owe you 20 favors. 

Lots of Love,

Katie x

<3 <3 

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