Seven Great Spots to Visit in Ireland

Having had the focus of last weeks "Nine Crows Must Goes" on places outside of our emerald isle, this week we decided to give all of our lovely followers something even more special. We'll be keeping it inside the country, giving you guys a taster of some of our favourite spots dotted all around the realm. Irelands really got it going on at the moment, the end-of-summer blues can be easily appeased by a simple bus ride to somewhere a lot more exciting. 

The besht in the wesht, Galway, is home to numerous amazing spots, in particular ElectricWe've all been here and have come to a unanimous vote that its one of the best joints around. Inside their green tiled walls, everyones needs are catered to. From the heavy house head in Factory, classy cocktail lover in Glasshouse to the peckish mate in Biteclub, you'll all love it.
If prior or post clubbing you're feeling hungray then head on over to Dough Bros for the perfect pizza in an ideal location.

Surfs up in Rossnowlagh. This summer why not take a whindy trip up to the pride of all, Donegal! No better place to catch some gnarly waves than in the Bondi Beach of Tir Connail. Renowned Smugglers Creek is where all the hip, not so sun kissed but most definitely wind swept surfers will be. Who needs Cali when you've got an equivalent right here?

The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) is somewhere I've found myself aimlessly walking around pretty frequently, content in thought. Even if you don't consider yourself the artsy farty kind you'll find something that will fascinate you. Exhibitions here are everchanging. This is an ultra-zen, ultra-cool environment to spend a hungover Sunday or fresh as a daisy Monday. I have to say I've brought my "Why your 5 year old couldn't do that" book here and still haven't found the answers. 
When around the area you can check out Nancy Hand's for your traditional Irish carvery. Irish carvery you say? That brings me onto my next topic... 

If you're someone that loves an alternative dinner and a walk to remember then we've got one for you.Our fourth love is the  Happy Pear, the perfect place to unrumble your belly after the beautiful Bray to Greystones walk or vice versa. If like myself you consider your daily exercise your five minute walk to work in the morning then do not be alarmed. Stroll at a leisurely pace, take in the surroundings and after all the excursion have your tea in the quaint cafe just a five minute walk from the train that'll take you back to Dublin city. 

Dingle. Infamous 'Other Voices' has been going on in this little village since around 2003. Small it may be, but it's character is overwhelming. Bring your galpals or make it a couples retreat. No matter what the occaision you'll have great pubs, great food and great company, I'm sure. " 'The Session Pub' is where it's all going down in this little location and that is exactly what you'll find. Not only has this place got all of the above but while here you can become at one with your fishy friends and meet Fungi. The dolphin that put Dingle on the map.

Siblings Cafe in Naas offers customers a chic and simplistic experience. The coffees and cakes over shadow any in the capital as well as everything you can name being made onsite. This eatery does what it does very, very well. When visiting Siblings you'll be mesmerized by their wide range of home decor  by April & the Bear who they've recently paired up with, and what a beautiful pair they make. They have The Curragh Racecourse nearby, tell me who doesn't enjoy a night at the races? Never fret, Nine Crows is here to cater for all of your dress needs. 

Last but most definitely not least we have a few spots up North. Harry's Shack in Portstewart lies on the beach in a converted National Trust cabin. The wooden walls enclose an ambiance and food t.d.f. Neary by you'll find Lush nightclub, this mega club in Portrush has room upon room that each offers an electric range of music. If that isn't enough, nearby Belfast, only around an hour drive/bus ride has an amazing range of shops from vintage to high street. Why not make a weekend out of it?

Enjoy your trip. Lots of love, always

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