MFI Secret Garden Fashion Show

On Thursday evening of last week our team got their glad rags on after a busy week in work and went to the MFI Secret Garden Fashion Show that was held in Sam's Bar on Dawson Street. As part of Dublin Fashion Week companies such as Jack & Jones, Castle & Drury, H&M and Only&Sons teamed up with homegrown MFI Magazine in order to create something very beautiful.

Only & Sons

Our gorgeous model from our sister Not Another Agency, Shay Smyth, modeled MFI's lovely AW15 look book in-style. This lovely little handbook was handed out on the night upon entering. 

Castle & Drury

On the night we saw an eclectic range of male clothing modeled by some of our own (seen above) and a few others on the runway, and if we do say so ourselves, they all completely rocked it. The whole show ran super smoothly as did the dancers choreography, who mysteriously haunted the models as they walked through the crowd. Not only was the fashion to die for on our It-Boys but also on every attendee. The Dublin fashion scene has really been taking off in recent times and this definitely proved it. 

Ricky Mangala was there to capture every moment alongside numerous other photographers, I've included some photos but pop over to the MFI website if you're feeling inquisitive. Exciting times lie ahead for Adam Gaffneywhose linked Instagram is one to follow and his whole team, huge props & well done to all involved. We're all excited to see whats next!

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