Five Minutes with Palma Wright

Five Minutes with Palma Wright

Tell me about Palma Wright, what is it that you do?
I do A LOT of different things. But mainly styling, photography, casting, and makeup. I also dye hair, do art and creative direction and I sometimes model. I love doing everything because you really have the power to take your vision and execute it exactly the way you see it in your head. Also, my philosophy in fashion is that there is no wrong! So I like to just be free on shoots and go for it without feeling judged.

Describe yourself in three words.

The most exciting things that have happened in your career to date.
When I got my first cover  for STAB magazine. Styling various music videos. Shooting Stella Maxwell, Simone @slickwoods, Coneja, Cailin Russo, Chloe Norgaard, Anastasia, Katya, Maxine Ashley for Vogue UK and finding/shooting my muse & now bestfriend Alice Metza. Shooting back stage at the Moschino show in LA was also huge for me. Everything I've ever done with Ted Emmons. Casting for Bernhard Willhelm for Vogue, he's an amazing artist and designer I was so thrilled to work with him. Final one, when Manic Panic sponsored me.

How is it working in LA?
Its kind of like competing in a popularity contest you know you're never going to win.

What lies ahead for hateboy?
Hopefully moving to New York soon and continuing my work. STAY TUNED!

Tell us about your trip to Dublin. 
OH MAN! Dublin was literally my favourite city in Europe thus far. I met this awesome DJ named Emily who hit me up my first day in Dublin and she took me around to all the sick events happening. I was introduced to so many amazing new people & everyone was unbelievable friendly. I ended up finding and shooting three boys I scouted while there which was awesome, I hadn't been inspired to shoot much on my European trip. The culture and history that you guys preserve here! I went to an old school pub where they were all singing songs and I started to tear up listening, it was just really something passionate, and to see all the generations come together, old and young, to form a bond over there love for there country. It was just absolutely beautiful. 

Whats your No. 1 wardrobe must have?
something/anything Vivienne Westwood

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