Nine Crows Muse of the Moment x Lily Rose Depp

Nine Crows Muse of the Moment x  Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose Depp? She's the lovechild of Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis and the ultimate it girl. At merely sixteen not only does she have the best genes known to man but she's been climbing social media ranks since early 2015 and we've been with her all the way. Megababe Lily's Instagram following of 1M (and growing) and her modern take on topical issues have her at the forefront of the online world. 

But why? Well, who doesn't love a slightly weird teen swanning through Park Avenue Armory, New York in early April head to toe in Chanel couture.


It's the age of the internet, Ms. Depp symbolises the new generation in the best way possible. She's got all the qualities of a star in the making and she's even been named as Karl Lagerfield's muse by i-D magazine.

Kudos to this queen for being this year's social media star. These moments are not the pinnacle of her career for Lily Rose Depp is only on her rise. We're obviously megafans and we see big things on the horizon for this one. 

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