Top 10 Things To Do On A Snow Day

Top 10 Things To Do On A Snow Day

We might all be stuck inside today because of the weather but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing fun to do! Snow days start off pretty exciting, a whole day off work/school?! The dream! But once the excitement wears off the boredom can definitely start to settle in right? Well we’re here to help! Here’s our roundup of our top 10 things to do during a snow day! 

1; Make a playlist - Being stuck inside all day is the perfect opportunity to make yourself a playlist full of all your favourite tunes! Here at Nine Crows we have playlists for all our moods - an uplifting one, one for when you’re sad, one full of new songs, one full of old songs - play DJ for the day and spend it curating your Spotify.  

2; Try out a new recipe - Today is the perfect day to tackle that recipe you’ve been dying to try! Work on perfecting a new signature dish or just go back to basics and make some cookies. Either way you’re sure to have fun and have something delish at the end! Here’s a recipe for some insane brownie cookies to get you started.


3; Netflix - Let’s be real here, when the weather is this grim, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Netflix! Whether you choose to start a new series or rewatch a classic movie, Netflix and a cosy blanket will be your best friend today. We’ll be spending our day bingeing on Friends, you just can’t beat a classic! 

4; Make a photo album - Our generation is notorious for taking pictures on our phones and leaving them there, but really, nothing beats having printed photos to look back on! Sit down today with your phone or your laptop, wherever you store all your photos, and print them all out! Stick them in a photo album too while you’re at it and then enjoy looking back (and cringing) at all your old photos! 

5; Read a book - Take advantage of all the spare time today and read that book you’ve been dying to check out! Or why not try an audiobook? From biographies to science fiction, fantasy to horror, you can find pretty much any audiobook online these days! Audible is our app of choice but you can also find lots on YouTube.

6; Do some exercise - Just because you’re stuck inside all day doesn’t mean you can’t get some exercise in! Check out some fitness videos on YouTube or look up exercises on Pinterest and set yourself up a little at home gym. Here’s some videos to get you started.

20 minute total body workout.
30 minute abs and booty-toning workout.

7; Have a pamper day - Pretend you’re at a fancy spa instead of stuck at home today. Run a bubble bath, paint your nails and do a face mask. You’ll go back into work tomorrow glowing! Here’s some ideas of at home face mask recipes.

8; Play some games - Go old school today and rummage out your old board games. Old classics such as Monopoly or Cluedo are perfect for having a laugh with family and friends when you’re all stuck together and bored! Just don’t get too competitive! 

9; Get outside - Go out and play! Embrace your inner child and get outside in the snow. Make snow angels, throw some snowballs and build a snowman, being a child for the day is great for clearing your head of all grown up stresses! 

10; Online shop - The snow may be falling out there but that won’t stop us from shopping! Treat yourself to some new pieces from your favourite online stores! And don’t forget to check out! Here’s some of our top picks from the site! 

Pink and Navy Festival Pants

Black Wet Look Arena Full Tracksuit

Berry Toned Knitted Jumper 

Rainbow Splash Wrap Front Blouse 

Burberry Baseball Bomber Jacket 

Tommy Hilfiger Candy Stripe Two Piece

Classic Blue Denim Jacket 

Textured Blue Bumbag 

Burberry Style Bucket Hat

Gold Layered Necklace

Ciara x 

All images from Pinterest. 

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