Woman Power Wednesday: Jess Brennan

Woman Power Wednesday: Jess Brennan

For this week’s Woman Power Wednesday, we’re looking at the gorgeous Jess Brennan. Jess is a Dublin gal with a huge Instagram following, who seems to pop up at every festival, adding a bit of fun everywhere she goes and generally just giving out seriously positive vibes. But there’s more to Jess than just being an Insta-it girl. One of the best things about Jess is the confidence she has. She dresses exactly how she wants and generally doesn't care what people think of her, which is amazing and something to be admired. By being completely and unapologetically herself, she inspires her thousands of followers to do the same. She regularly encourages her followers to have confidence in themselves without worrying about other people's opinions, something she should be applauded for. It's crazy that in 2017, a time of such feminist political action, someone can still be judged for how they dress. Jess inspires a lot of people and helps them to feel good about themselves, which we think is way more important than what she wears to do her food shop. We got Jess to answer a few questions for us so we could get to know this inspiring babe a little better.

Have you always had the confidence you have now or was it something that grew with time? If so, what was it that helped you?

I definitely haven’t always had this confidence and I would be a long time talking you through what got my confidence to where it is today, but no, I was quite shy when I was younger, all I wanted to do was listen to Eminem on my Walkman. I used to get a lot of hassle from the other girls in my area so I suppose my confidence sprouted from the fact that I came through all that. The other thing that has helped me is my strength of mind and my amazing friends that I’m so blessed to be surrounded by!

What’s your opinion on strangers commenting negatively on the way someone dresses? Do you think social media gives people the sense that they’re entitled to pass judgement?

I think people’s negative opinions on what others wear is induced by having a negative attitude. There’s two types of people in the world; those who give filthy looks and those who get filthy looks. I’m the latter and I always will be. If I see something crazy or different I think ‘deadly, gowan,’ no matter what it is. The fact that someone has committed to what they’re wearing is just whopper in the first place and regardless of how they look, I hope they feel fucking animal! Unfortunately, social media can fuel some negativity in the form of slut shaming etc, which is just a defence mechanism for insecure people. I think those people need to obsess over themselves instead of others, they will find themselves and grow into better people. I love social media but I feel it does smother self growth if used the wrong way

You were recently mentioned in articles, including one by The Sun, for the way you were dressed in Croatia. Do you feel the way you were spoken about was exaggerated and put into a negative context?

Yes of course it was exaggerated, it’s The Sun! But I don’t think it was put into a negative context, I think it depends on the person reading it. If you know me and like me, you read it and think I’m just being hilarious, or if you don’t like me, you’ll find something negative to say about it. The Sun actually asked me to do a follow up interview to tell ‘my side of the story,’ pal, I walked into Lidl to grab a bottle of vodka and a bit of bread!

What women do you feel inspired by?

I am inspired by so many women and men equally. I could give you a load of Instagram handles of people I am inspired by but realistically, the women I am inspired by are all the amazing women in my life. They are absolute superwomen, between the shit they’ve been through, the art they create and the amount of love they inspire. You all know who you are.

In your travels so far this summer, which festival has been your favourite?

Ooh favourite festival is a super hard one! I gain something different and beautiful from each and every one. Body and Soul will forever be one of my favourites, you just can’t beat the Irish buzz. Love International brought me a lot closer to a lot of amazing people and Freqs of Nature reminded me that we are all only a speck in the universe. On the last day I sobbed over nothing for about an hour but I felt cleansed after it. I’m travelling to MoDem Festival tomorrow, so let’s see what that shall bring!

All photos from Jess's Instagram.

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Ciara x 

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