Woman Power Wednesday: Conny Donohoe

Woman Power Wednesday: Conny Donohoe

For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we're chatting to one of our fave gals, Conny Donohoe. Conny truly embodies a badass woman, constantly reinforcing that it's ok to be yourself and inspiring others to be as confident in themselves as she is. We caught up with Conny to talk transgender visibility, inspiring women and learning to love yourself. 

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-Do you see gender as an important aspect of your identity?

For sure! I am a proud transgender woman and being trans is a huge part of who I am. Coming out as trans for me has been pivotal in finding out who I am so of course it would be a huge aspect of my identity. It’s shaped all aspects of my personality, my strengths, my weaknesses, my confidence, my insecurities, etc. Does being trans define me? Jayziz no. I am a woman first and a trans woman second (and a bad bitch third hehe) but it’s still a huge aspect of my identity, definitely.

Photo from instagram.com/connygfromtheblok

-Transgender people are starting to become more prominent in the media, from women like Caitlyn Jenner opening up about their transition to trans models landing huge contracts. How important do you think this new visibility is to the transgender community?

Honestly, it’s been a long time coming and it’s about time trans people have had a voice in mainstream media. In the past we’ve been totally disregarded and essentially silenced because of the lack of trans visibility, so I’m delighted we are starting to get some recognition in mainstream media. Trans visibility right now is essential and I’m so glad we as a society are making some moves forward.

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-Do you sense a change in how Irish society treats people who step outside the ‘norm’?

Yeah there’s definitely been a change but I think we still have a long way to go. I think a lot of ‘normal’ Irish society kind of turns a blind eye towards trans people and gender non-conforming individuals and that carry on needs to stop. But in fairness to owl Éire, if you look at us in the 90’s and look at us now, we’ve obviously come a long way.

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-What advice would you give to young people struggling with their identity?

The advice I’d give to any young person out there struggling with who they are is that it’s ok to feel lost, it’s ok to feel disconnected from your body, it’s ok to feel in between and you’re totally allowed take time to figure yourself out. Not everyone is going to understand you and they don’t need to. Wrap your head around yourself first and then worry about the rest of them. I’d also say talk to someone about how you’re feeling and everything will fall into place eventually! That’s what I would have liked to hear when I was growing up I think.

Photo from instagram.com/connygfromtheblok

-What women inspire you?

How long do you have? I could actually write a Leaving Cert English essay on the women that inspire me. Among them is my ma, my nanny, my sisters, my aunties and all my amazing friends. I’m also totally in awe of trans women out there doing it for themselves (and in turn girls like me) like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Paris Lees, Andreja Pejic, Jazz Jennings, Munroe Bergdorf… the list goes on! If you don’t know who they are, google them asap! Anyone badass and smart, I adore! My biggest Woman Crush Wednesday however, will always be Bad Gal RiRi Love to all the girls out there, mwah!

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