Woman Power Wednesday: Enya Martin

Woman Power Wednesday: Enya Martin
For this week's Woman Power Wednesday, we chatted to Enya Martin. Enya is a Dublin based comedian, famous for her hilarious Facebook videos, featuring characters such as Shardon and Chanto. We caught up with Enya to chat female comedians, her love for Dublin and selling out her theatre show. 

Photo from instagram.com/gizalaugh_enyamartin

-What made you want to get into comedy?

I never once thought of pursuing comedy as a career, I just thought I had a razor sharp wit and a good sense of humour. It wasn’t until mid 2015 when I saw Facebook videos taking off that I thought to myself, maybe this is an opportunity to show new people my sense of humour and my ability to write. The first video was a great hit so I kept going and here we are! 

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-Many of your characters and sketched are based on a specific Dublin background, such as Chanto, or typical Irish mammy’s, such as Sharon. Do you think it’s important to celebrate and be proud of where you’re from?

Definitely, I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t from Clondalkin. It’s where I source my material, it’s made me who I am today. I take advantage of it.

Photo from facebook.com/gizalaugh

-What would you say has been your proudest achievement in your career so far

Writing my own theatre show and selling out the five dates, which is something I never could have imagined. Growing up I was never the popular kid in school but after completing a goal like that I felt on top of the world.

Photo from instagram.com/gizalaugh_enyamartin

-Comedy has traditionally been dominated by men. What advice would you give to young women looking to break into the comedy scene?

If you’re funny then you’re funny. Don’t let gender turn you off giving it a bash. Women love going to see female comedians as they can resonate with each other. You wouldn’t believe the amount of men who tell me about how they love my comedy! I suppose the advantage I had is that I could road test all my material on social media and that gave people the belief that I was worth paying the money to go see.

Photo from instagram.com/gizalaugh_enyamartin

-What women inspire you?

Joan Rivers because she just slayed comedy as a female!

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Check out her Facebook videos here 
Enya recently announced a Vicar Street show, you can get tickets to that here

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