Woman Power Wednesday: Hannah O' Connell

Woman Power Wednesday: Hannah O' Connell
For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we're looking at the amazing Hannah O' Connell. Hannah is a media wonder woman, working as the social media manager for Spin 1038 along with being senior contributor to District magazine. We caught up with Hannah to chat about working in the media and inspiring women. 

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-How did you get started in your career?

I definitely fell into a career in social media. I did a degree in Music Technology with English in Maynooth, I always had a dream of working in the music industry in some way and I was good at English at school so I thought it made sense to combine the two. When I finished college I wasn't really getting anywhere with job applications so I went back and did an evening diploma in Journalism and Media. I saw a job for a Social Exec in a media agency called Carat and I just went for it. I didn't even know what a media agency was. I think at the time social media was still new enough to employers and I was able to wing it! I became a manager and worked there for just over 2 years writing social content for different brands. Then the job in Spin 1038 came up and luckily I got it. 

Photo from instagram.com/hannah_oc

-You work as a social media manager, writer and part time DJ, do you consider one of them your ‘main job’?

I work as the social media manager for SPIN 1038 full time. I write for District whenever I can squeeze it in, during the weekends and evenings. The SPIN office is coincidentally two minutes away from the District office so sometimes I'll pop in on my lunch or after work to do bits. I DJ now and again but would definitely not consider myself a DJ. I don't mix or anything like that, it's just for fun and it's great that I've even been considered for some of the events and festivals I get to do! I do a small new music segment on SPIN every Friday but again definitely not a radio presenter, I work with lots of great ones though! 

Photo from instagram.com/hannah_oc

-What is your favourite part about working in media?

In a radio station everything is very immediate. You're trying to break news first, have a story on social before anyone else. There's something very exiting about working to that pace. My favourite part about working for District is seeing what such a small group of people are able to put together. Holding the magazines always make me so proud of all the hard work and creativity that people dedicate to the brand because they believe in what it's trying to do.

Photo from instagram.com/hannah_oc

-Do you have a career goal in mind?

I don't have a particular career goal in mind. There's so many different things I want do and try and I just plan on going with the flow and seeing what happens! I'm quite ambitious and I'll look for opportunities. If something feels right I'll just go for it.

Photo from instagram.com/hannah_oc

-What women inspire you?

It's hard to know where to start. My close family are nearly all women, I've got a big group of best friends that I've known since junior infants and we're so close, then there's all the really great girls in work who are representing women in radio, I'm surrounded by inspirational women! In terms of celeb inspirations I really look up to Fearne Cotton in every way. 

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