Woman Power Wednesday: Irena Drezi

Woman Power Wednesday: Irena Drezi
For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we're chatting to the stunning Irena Drezi. This gal is making huge waves in the Irish modelling scene and recently did her first magazine feature on body positivity with U magazine. We had a chat with Irena all about body positivity, the modelling industry and career goals. 

Photo from instagram.com/irenadrezi

-You recently did your first magazine feature on body positivity, how important was it to you to do something like that?

It was very important to me because it gave other girls the realisation that nobody's perfect. Growing up I didn't have someone to look up to that was a size 14, it was all about being skinny. I'm delighted that nowadays being curvy is not frowned upon. 

Photo from instagram.com/irenadrezi

-How do you think the fashion industry affects body image in young girls? 

Well when I was growing u there was no plus size models. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were everywhere, don't get me wrong, I think they're both really beautiful, but seeing that at a young age made me think that I had to look like that. 

Photo from instagram.com/irenadrezi

-Since becoming a model, has your own view on body image changed? 

Of course! I learned to accept myself. That's really important. It's not easy to do when you're sixteen and have an eating disorder though. I fought my battle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and I won. 

Photo from instagram.com/irenadrezi

-What would be your ultimate goal to achieve in your career?

To be on the cover of a fashion magazine, to me, that's an amazing achievement. I'd like to be the face of a brand too, I'm really driven and that's what keeps me going. I got told constantly that I'll never make it as a model but slowly I'm starting to prove them wrong. 

Photo from instagram.com/irenadrezi

-What women inspire you?

Models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence definitely made me more confident in being a plus size model. Trying to be positive all the time is hard and we all have bad days, but don't let yourself down. Realise how far you've come and keep going even if you get told not to. It's your life, your decisions. No one has the right to tell you what you can or can't do. 

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