Woman Power Wednesday: Keilidh Cashell

Woman Power Wednesday: Keilidh Cashell

For this week's Woman Power Wednesday we're looking at the ridiculously talented Keilidh Cashell. Keilidh is a Monaghan gal, well known for her insanely good make up tutorials on YouTube, ranging from Game of Thrones to grunge inspired looks. Last year Keilidh worked with Inglot to create the hugely successful 'Keilidh Palette.' We caught up with this badass businesswoman to talk her palette, vintage fashion and female empowerment. 

Photo from instagram.com/keilidhmua

-Do you see make up as an empowering thing for women?

Yes I do! It gives you the power to feel more confident in yourself, and to express yourself in endless ways.

Photo from instagram.com/keilidhmua

-With such a big following on social media, do you ever feel a pressure to present yourself a certain way?

Honestly, not really. I think it's because I'm not trying to live up to any standards, since starting my page I have always just been myself! I will come on my Snapchat with no makeup on, my hair in a huge bun looking scruffy so I feel like my followers know every side to me at this stage!

Photo from instagram.com/keilidhmua

-What was it like for you when Inglot released the Keilidh palette?

It was so surreal to see my face on a palette! I just felt so proud knowing that my hard work was paying off. I had only said at the start of that year that a lifetime goal would be to have my own product, so to have it just a few months later was just crazy for me!

Photo from instagram.com/keilidhmua

-What’s your favourite thing about vintage fashion?

My favourite thing about vintage fashion is how quick it is! I love seeing old trends come back to life, and this translates into hair and makeup also.

Photo from instagram.com/keilidhmua

-What women inspire you?

There's no specific woman, I guess just every woman who has set herself a goal and smashed it. Women who build each other up instead of tearing each other down. We have been brought up to compete with each other without realising, so I'm inspired by those who go against that.

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