Woman Power Wednesday: Niamh O'Donoghue

Woman Power Wednesday: Niamh O'Donoghue
This week for Woman Power Wednesday we're chatting to the fab fashionista and businesswoman that is Niamh O'Donoghue. This inspiring gal works as Marketing Manager for Image magazine and also co-founded Cupl Content Creation, a company where Niamh and her business partner help companies create content to help their brand grow. We caught up with Niamh to grill her about her career goals, Cupl and overcoming obstacles.

Photo from instagram.com/niamh_cupl

-What made you want to get into journalism? 

When I was in school I set my hopes on becoming a doctor or surgeon. Unfortunately, I spent more time I'm hospital than school and when the time came to do my leaving cert, I came out with about half of what I needed. 
While I was doing some stints in hospital I started reading - a lot - and writing as a form of therapy (and Netflix wasn't a thing back then). I wrote my first featured article at 14 in Kiss Magazine talking about my recent diagnosis with severe scoliosis. I got the kindest email back from the editor at the time (it was around 2008/9 - if this was you, get in touch!) who said I had a knack for writing. Low and behold, 6 years later I found myself in DIT studying journalism and have never looked back.

Photo from instagram.com/niamh_cupl

-What would you say has been the toughest thing you’ve had to overcome in your life so far?

I've had my share of near death experiences: When I was 13 I was diagnosed with sever scoliosis and started on a 10-year journey to straighten my spine. Four spinal operations later and I'm one of a handful of people who has my spine fused to my hips, so I can't bend side to side or backward. That in itself brings a lot of difficulty day-to-day, but the human body is brilliant and I’ve learned to adapt. In 2015 I was diagnosed with kidney disease and thyroid cancer (within two-weeks of each other) while I was doing my thesis, so that was incredibly tough. These experiences though have me who I am and helped me to keep dreaming big.

Photo from instagram.com/niamh_cupl

-Tell us about Cupl, how did it come about? 

I co-founded Cupl Content Creation with my business partner Jake in 2017. Together, we combine our skills of photography, video, graphic design, branding, strategy and advertising to make really enjoyable experiences for brands and audiences. *deep exhale*. Now that the sales pitch is over: we make cool shit! Follow our journey at @cupl__ and cuplcreative.com 

Photo from instagram.com/niamh_cupl

-What would be your ultimate career goal?

Ultimately I see myself working in the fashion industry - I'll settle for fashion editor at Vogue! In the meantime I'd love to work at Man Repeller, Dazed or Refinery29. Alternatively, I'm more than happy to travel from fashion-week-to-fashion-week shooting street style. This year I’ll be shooting at London, Florence and Milan which I’m hugely excited about.

Photo from instagram.com/niamh_cupl

-What women inspire you? 

I'm grateful that I work in a job where I get to meet and talk to so many brilliant women. But, if I have to list some Irish champions; Sinead Burke, Sophie White, Ellie Balfe, Marie Kelly, Ciamh McCrory, my mammy andLouise McSharry.

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